Farm Worker Safety Videos

The Farm Labor Practices Group (FLPG) has compiled a set of videos as training resources to provide guidance for tobacco workers. These worker training videos are meant to provide farmers with easy to access and easy to use training materials for their workers. These videos are a collection of training materials on important health and safety topics that have been sourced from recognized third parties.

The videos can be used to complete required GAPC Certification worker training requirements. 


1. Introduction

2. Green Tobacco Sickness

3. Green Tobacco Sickness (Spanish)

4. Field Sanitation

5. Field Sanitation (Spanish)

6. Heat Stress

7. Heat Stress (Spanish)

8. The Label is the Law

9. The Label is the Law (Spanish)

10. Wage and Hour Issues

11. Wage and Hour Issues (Spanish)

12. Tobacco Baler

13. Tobaocco Baler (Spanish)

14. Tobacco Harvester

15. Tobacco Harvester (Spanish)

16. Tractor Safety

17. Tractor Safety (Spanish)

18. Safety in Burley Operations

19. Safety in Burley Operations (Spanish)

20. Forklift Safety

21. Forklift Safety (Spanish)